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Firebird Productions is committed to effectively communicating with our wrestling community. We enjoy sharing news and updates with our fellow wrestling families to ensure you never miss a thing. Check out some of our featured articles and stories below, and be sure to send us your questions, comments, and suggestions.

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August 17, 2021

In August, Firebird Productions hosted their first camp series and it was an absolute success! Mike Krause brought the heat! The room was full of hammers and the intensity of each session was amazing! Coach Krause did not disappoint as he approached each session with the same intensity. 

Thank you- Mike Vanbrill for assisting as the videographer/photographer and the special guest clinician. 

Thank you Tanner Sewell for educating the parents about college recruiting.

Thank you Cabe Dickerson for speaking to the wrestlers about your wrestling path and Brian Hinson for helping us with the Santa Fe South facility.

We appreciate all of you and your amazing support!! This is the start of something so much more than wrestling and we look forward to all the amazing milestones along this journey.

Don’t miss Mike Krause this weekend in Houston! Its truly amazing how he teaches the wrestlers technique, mental toughness and lifelong skills!!

Thanks again for those who made the first Firebird Productions Camp a success!!

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August 25, 2021

We had another amazing camp with Coach Mike Krause! Wrestlers joined us from as far away as North Dakota! We, also, had a wrestler join us for the second weekend in a row!

Thank you to everyone who continues to support us and helping grow wrestling by attending the camps and joining in the fun! We appreciate you so much!

Special thank you to our guest speaker, Sean Flannery! We appreciate you sharing your wisdom with the amazing wrestlers!

“When Coach Krause makes you do ten pushes and you say thank you, he’s going to make you better. He’s going to make you better than anyone in the room.”

“You win like a champion, you lose like a champion. I don’t care if you win or lose. You shake their hand, smile, and you’re a gentleman.”

Special thank you to Mike VanBrill for being the videographer/photographer and guest clinician. We look forward to seeing the photos and videos of this camp - you do amazing work! 

Most of all, thank you Coach Mike Krause for working with Firebird Productions to make these first two camps memorable, full of technique, intensity and fun! We look forward to our next one!

Thanks again everyone! Please  don’t forget to book your next camp with Nick Simmons, “El Strangler”, October 9-10 in the DFW area.

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