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Strikezone 2021 - part 2

In addition to the evening was Bill Argo’s birthday! It was so awesome to see everyone get together to celebrate his special day! Afterwards, we added a social hour in the hotel lobby. This was entertaining as the boys found and flirted with some young softball players. They passed their numbers through the window of the pool area and ended up taking pictures with them. Some the girl’s dads were not impressed and kept a close eye on the girls, but were a good sport and the moms were chatting away with us. It was a sight to see - nice work Tenner:)!

The following day was the duals. Everyone was pumped and ready to wrestle! We designed a Firebird Pin for each time a wrestler pinned their opponent. We also, had a Firebird MVP Belt made for the wrestlers to wear after each pin and they passed this around to next person who pinned someone. This was a great way to hype them up for the quickest pins as the person with the most and quickest pins got to take the belt home! Congratulations to Kaiden Skodak for taking home the Firebird Belt with two pins in 29 seconds! Our team did an amazing job but fell short by only 2 points against the amazing Funky Singlets! We are so proud of how everyone wrestled! This was definitely an amazing experience and we look forward to the next time the team gets together at H-Town Smackdown, November 13th, in Spring,Texas.

Thank you so much Amber Swan for creating an amazing video and photos of the team. You are so talented and we appreciate your amazing work! Click on the link to see her work!

Thank you so much Jimmy Skodak for your awesome video of our stud team! We love your work and appreciate you building this video for the team!

Our first duals was absolutely amazing and we look forward to all of our future events. We try to make everything an experience, of course, involves wrestling but we include camaraderie and family. Please check out website for our future events.

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