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Creating Wrestling Development Opportunities

Firebird was developed to provide exceptional development opportunities to our wrestling community.
Our family has been blessed with the opportunity to travel across the country, wrestling and fostering relationships with some of the best coaches, wrestlers and families in the sport. We started this journey to support our son, Paxton, nicknamed "Firebird". He absolutely loves the sport and everything it has to offer. 
We are excited to source, promote and host the most value added training events and tournaments for wrestlers.

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Dianne and Jeff Fellows are the founders of Firebird Productions, a duo that promotes youth development through the greatest sport on this planet – Wrestling!  Firebird focuses on building a community of future champions and leaders. 

Firebird offers development opportunities through world class training, wrestling camps, dual teams and so much more. 

Dianne and Jeff

Jeff has a great passion for wrestling, but his greatest passion is developing people and unleashing opportunities for greatness. He is not a wrestler, but rather a Director of Aviation for one of the largest Oil and Gas companies in the world. He leads a highly successful team of 22 Aviation professionals and utilizes the same leadership competencies to engage and inspire our future champions/leaders on the mat. He knows what success looks like and wants it for every single Firebird competing in the most challenging sport on this planet. Jeff has such a respect for the discipline and accountability that wrestling offers in the development of these young warriors. 

Dianne is one of the nicest and most  patient souls on this planet with a love for kids. Her daytime job is a teacher of three and four-year-old students. She has grown to love the sport of wrestling as it brings so much joy and fulfillment to their son Paxton.  

Traveling the country on weekends to attend wrestling tournaments has become the Fellows’ hobby. They have met some of the best people as part of this journey and their community continues to flourish. That is what they want each Firebird to experience as it is all about the experience and the community. 


They named this venture after Paxton’s nickname, “Firebird”. His wrestling coach, Coach Strange began calling Paxton “Firebird” due to his 80’s mullet. He was referring to one of the sexiest cars that ever left the production line – The Pontiac Firebird😊 He has since changed his hairdo to a Mohawk but the name stuck, he likes it, and like so many other wrestlers - he is weird! .

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